“Homemade” Viral TIK TOK CHIK FIL A Food Hack! Buffalo Ranch Chick Fries

Buffalo, Chicken, Ranch Fries

I’m not sure who came up with this little “hack” but I’m sure glad they did every since I had the actual Chik Fil A “combo” it’s self, I decided I didn’t need to waste my money on Chik fil A and could make it at home. Turns out I was right, I can have it when I want and it saves me money, so Win Win. Let’s get Started…

Okay This is a spin on the Viral Chik Fil A Tik Tok hack. It’s Where you take some Chik fil a fries, along with their ranch and buffalo sauce then layer each of the ingredients and have a delicious buffalo ranch French fry combo, instead of having everything separate just combine it all and call it good. it’s just a quick and easy and super tasty junk food meal.

So of course, instead of using Chik fil a fries, I chose to use some good ole Tater Tots, some of my kids favorite Chicken nuggets, ranch and buffalo sauce, (I chose sweet baby rays brand but you can use your choice)


  • Tator tots ( you can use any fry of your choice)
  • Chicken nuggets (again your choice)
  • Ranch
  • Buffalo Sauce

NOTE: All of my cooking was done in my Ninja Air Fryer


  1. Cook Tator Tots in
  2. Cook chicken nuggets
  3. Cut chicken nuggets into pieces
  4. Layer the Tots then Nuggets together on a plate
  5. Drizzle as much ranch and buffalo sauce as you want over Tots and Fries


It really is yummy and it’s super easy to make and its better than Chik fil a because you’re saving some money!! So get your Ingredients and try this at home!

See you with the next Recipe


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