Top 4 favorite Children’s Books

These are a few of my favorite books to read with my kiddos. I thought Id share them with you and give you the affiliate link to purchase. I hope you enjoy them as much as we do.

Dont Push the Button My daughter recieved this book as a gift for one of her birthdays and honestly its been our number one favorite since. I always just make sure I get real into character when I read it and they absolutely love it.

2. The Very hungry caterpillar Now this one is a classic, I grew up reading this one when I was a kid. I remember how excited I would get to check this book out from the library when I was in Elementary school. I guess you can say Ive been a big book person since I was young.

3) The Rainbow fish This is another good one I read when I was a kid, i cant help it theres just something about bringing something you loved from your childhood and embracing it into your own kids childhood. I mean whats not to love fish, rainbow. CLASSIC

4. Brown bear Brown Bear What Do You see? Easy to read and easy to follow for the super young kiddos, my 3 year old always gets excited to read this one. He even tries to read it along with me this is another one I think your kiddos will love.

There’s just something about a good ole classic children’s books. I know that If my kiddos love em so will yours. Clicking on the amazon links for each of the books helps my blog page. I would appreciate your support. Until the next post. (:


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