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Millions of Students have dropped out of school due to the Corona Virus

Teachers all over the U.S have been worried about the Education of their students through out the United States since the start of this pandemic. We are going on a year already since this has started and it doesn’t seem to be getting any better. Teachers are saying its becoming more and more common for students to just not show up for school.

A story that was recently published by NPR said teachers are starting to grow more concerned for their students that are not showing up for class. The Article reported that the Non profit Bellwether Education Partners estimated 3 million student might have dropped out of school since March of 2020. the organization states that the lack of internet, disabilities, housing and language barrier are only some of the reasons for the dropouts.

When a student suddenly stops showing up for school, teachers become worried about more than grades. “our kids already rely on the teacher and the staff for a lot of different levels of support,” such as food and healthcare resources, said Evan Murray, a community school site specialist in Baltimore.


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