5 Pandemic Work from Home Jobs that are NOW HIRING!

I know things are rough out there right now for A LOT of people so I thought Id just drop by and share some new recently listed work from home Jobs. WE ARE ALL IN THIS TOGETHER!!! Pass these on to anyone who needs them Please and Thank You

Remember to ALWAYS do your own research when looking into these jobs, they may not all be available due to the hiring after I’ve already posted. Just click on the highlighted website name and they will take you to their website!

Magic Ears is currently hiring for online tutors/ teachers in the US and Canada. You must have a bachelors degree or must currently be enrolled in a university. You can earn between $18 to $26 per hour. With Flexible schedules and you get work with kids so If that something that you are interested in go and take a look.

RRT USA is seeking Customer service Agents to work from home. Agents must be willing to work nights and weekends as this is the busiest times. They are currently only hiring in some states so check their website with the link I have provided.

Dictate Express is now hiring for Remote Legal Transcription in the Us. Full time and part time positions are available. They are hiring editors as well so if you are tech savy go take a look.

Course Hero is Now seeking online Tutors. You must live in the U.s and you are able to choose your own schedule and earn as little or as much as you desire. Once again you will have the opportunity to work with children.

Belay Solutions is looking for a remote Virtual Assistant in the U.S This is a contract position and a back ground check is required.

If you found these useful please follow and share my Website online or on Pinterest, Thank You!


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