Top 5 True Crime Podcasts

As a parent we all have our “go to’s” when were cleaning, cooking or jsut bored and for a lot of people I’m sure its music, but for me its Podcasts. I Love Pocasts, I like that I dont have to have my phone/ or book in front of me and I can just continue on with my daily activities around the house and with the kiddos. True Crime is my preferable genre, so I thought Id share my Top 5 true Crime Podcasts with you, here they are;

  • #1 My All Time favorite True Crime show is going to have to go to Mile Higher Podcast, they are Colorado Natives(as am I so of course I had to give them the #1 Spot) husband and Wife duo Kendall Rae and Josh they focus on true Crime but also carry on some other topics as well such as conspiracies and ancient civilizations. Here is a video from their YouTube channel go and subscribe!!!

  • #2 is Going West Podcast I LOVE Daphne and Heath every week they upload a new discussion on details of different missing persons cases. They are always so calm and professional during their podcasts, I just have to listen every week.

They dont have a youtube channel but here is a link to there Podcast on Spotify

  • #3 True Crime Garage I mean who doesnt like true crime garage these two together are awesome, Nic and the Captain are super laid back they always sit back, drink beer and talk about some well known disturbing cases. Their shows can sometimes get pretty vulgar so if you like True Crime but don’t like the true gruesome details, this show isn’t the one for you. They like to tell us every detail of the case. Its a good listen so have at it.

  • #4 The Vanished Podcast is definitely one of my favorite True Crime Podcasts, they upload every week and also focuses on the Stories of Missing People but the difference between The Vanished and other True Crime Podcast is the fact that alot of their shows include friends and family members of the misisng person they are discussing that week. They like to get up and personal, so if your into facts from actual interviews with guests take a look at their show.
  • #5 My last but certainly not least is True Crime Chronicles is a triple host Podcast including Investigative journalist Jessica Noll and her co-hosts Will Johnson and Spencer Bruttig. They always take the time to make sure we get every detail of the case that they are pursuing. They focus on infamous criminals, unsolved mysteries and under reported cases plus lots more you are sure to get a listen out of these three. Take a listen

So that’s that, I hope you take a listen to these Podcast and enjoy them as much as I do. There is not a day that goes by that I don’t listen to at least one of these. Have fun.


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